Nepenthes Tendril Pendant by Christopher Boots


A sculptural fixture contrasting the masculinity of geometric solid brass, with the delicacy of amorphous hand blown glass. NEPENTHES is inspired by a genus of carnivorous plant in the monotypic family, Nepenthaceae. The species attract and kill their prey, albeit passively, through active production of attractive colours, sugary nectar, and even sweet scents.

Dimensions: 7″ W x 9.8″ D x 59″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-NEP.TE.15

Dimensions: 11.8″ W x 9.8″ D x 82.7″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-NEP.TE.21

Dimensions: 17.7″ W x 9.8″ D x 106.3″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-NEP.TE.27

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